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The folklore ensemble Bajdyš

The folklore dance group Bajdyš was established in 1984 in the southwest-Moravian historic town of Třebíč. The folklore ensemble associates the dancers and musicians at the School of Arts and the youngest members grow up in the children's group Bajdyšek.

The main part of the rich repertoire form the traditional dances and songs from the region Horácko (Highland), in which the seat of the dance group is located. In the past it was a poor region where people used to grow potatoes. Nevertheless the folklore and traditions are very rich, amusing and very well express the soul of the young people. A typical dance from this region called Bajdyš gave rise to the name of the group. The youthfulness, pleasure and humour are important components of the performances, in which different motifs from life are presented (funny scenes from the pub, dances with brooms, beer and hats, love themes ...). The dance group Bajdyš performs the folklore dances from various regions as well, e.g. Valašsko, Kopanice, Zemplín, Šariš and Myjava.

The folklore ensemble participates in famous folklore festivals in the country and abroad (Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Denmark, ...)

An explosive character of dances, a variety of folk costumes and the vivid expression of the dancers and musicians provoke success and acceptance by spectators.

The head of the dance group, choreographer and programme manager is Mrs. Pavla Wolfová. The head of the music ensemble and author of the most musical arrangements is Mrs. Karla Ošmerová. They are both teachers at the School of Arts in Třebíč.